I'm a terrible website person.  I have big dreams and terrible follow through.  I will try to be better. :)  I'm spending today working on updating this site and you can always follow me on Facebook and see the latest!  Thank you guys for the support and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds!
Sometimes, I get to photograph fellow photographers.  That can be nerve wrecking because you know they *know* what to expect. lol  Not with this girl though.  She's one of my good friends and I love those babies of hers to bits.  I think she should just keep having them... ;)  We had fun reveling her new little one's gender to the older siblings.  All fun and games until someone gets hungry... ;)
I love that so many of my clients are also friends in real life.  This happens to be one of the awesome teachers at my children's elementary school.  (Have I mentioned that our school is THE best? Cause it is... ;) )
So happy to see this lovely family again for their Christmas pictures! <3
How beautiful is this young lady!  Another repeat client who is growing up too fast!!  
November started off with these cuties!! <3  I photographed this family last year and was so happy when they contacted me to come back and capture them again this year! <3  I love watching my precious client's kiddos grow every year. :)
October was a business month for me!  So busy, in fact, that I have somehow fallen behind in my posting her!  My turn around time back to my clients was great! lol  So here, in a nutshell, is October. :)
November 7th and 14th, weather permitting! :)  More info on my Facebook page!  Head over to check it out!

I only have time for ONE mini session date in October.  So, please contact me if you want to book. 

Location:  In Garland off of Brand Rd. and 190
Times: 5-7pm, in 20 minute increments
Cost:  $100*/5 images

5:00 - Taken
5:20 - Taken
5:40 - Taken
6:00 - 
6:20 - Taken

*If you have more than 5 in your family, please book two sessions together.  I will discount the second session.  Please email or message me on Facebook for more information.

I'll provide the adorable chairs, you provide the adorable people. ;)

I don't want to have any more babies, I just want a puppy.  But I love loving babies and handing them back to mom and dad. ;)  This baby was featured a few posts back, only he was still living the dream and his mom and dad were dreaming of him!  Now, he's a month old and look as cute as a bug!! <3