I'm just going to be honest, I'm a terrible neighbor. lol  Not terrible in that I let my dog bark all night or let weeds grow to the size of a small child.   But I tend to stay in my little compound.  We have a gated driveway, so once my gate closes, I'm in my refuge.  So, when my lovely neighbor from across the alley contacted me for pictures, I wasn't even exactly sure which house she lived in. *bag*  But I'm so glad I got to meet her and her family and I'm hoping to get together again soon!  I mean, look how precious those girls are!!
Like for realz, yo.  The fact that they invite me into their lives again and again and I get to watch their babies grow is just such a blessing!!  I did the maternity and newborn pictures for two of these kiddos!!  Love it!!! <3
Except maybe a new baby with twin older siblings!!! <3  Precious!  You may think these parents have their hands full, but I believe their hearts are so full, they hardly notice anything else!! 
So, I've known this family for a LONG time.  The dad is our insurance agent, the mom has kicked my butt more than once in her Boot Camps, the girls went to preschool with my boys and I was at the hospital only hours after the youngest was born to capture his sister meeting him for the first time!  Crazy that these kids keep growing up while we parents are staying young.... ;)
I've photographed this family for 4 (?) years now!  It is such an honor to get to capture my littlest clients as they grown and change!! It's one of my most favorite parts of my job!! <3
I think it's easy when our kids are little to take their pictures or have them done.  They are tiny, they are cute, they are willing! lol  But it's just as important to capture the memories when they are older.  Even if they don't want to.  Luckily, this young man was willing and happy to make his mom happy by posing for a quick session!! <3
So, this lovely mama here also happens to have been my middle's Kindergarten teacher.  There's something about those Kinder teachers.  You had your BABY to them every day.  AND they LOVE your baby!!! (All the teachers love them, but only in Kinder are they still BABIES!!)  Then, at the end of the year, they give you back your babies and these babies can READ and WRITE and they are confident and they are a little more grown up.  This is the teacher that did that for my Eli and these are her babies before she sent HER oldest baby off to college!!!
Well, he actually turned one in May, but he's a busy boy, plus his mommy and daddy got a new house for his birthday. ;)  So, we did his session in his adorable new bedroom!! <3  I love this baby, his brothers and his Mommy. :)
I always take my kids and do a special session with them before school starts.  This year, I met up with my friend, and fellow photographer, Stefani and her kids and we heading down to check out SMU.  What an awesome location, when it's not full of college kids.  We had a great time!
I have been a slacker in keeping this up to date for the month of August!!  Sorry!  It's a crazy month for everyone and ours started with a trip to the beach with some family friends! :)  I promise, we had husbands there, but they were getting us a table at the restaurant. Ha!