I'm a terrible website person.  I have big dreams and terrible follow through.  I will try to be better. :)  I'm spending today working on updating this site and you can always follow me on Facebook and see the latest!  Thank you guys for the support and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds!


05/12/2017 1:28am

This makes me sad and disappointed. But I think, this is for the best. I hope you can fix your site as soon as possible. And I can't wait to see the newest and more updated page. Thank you for informing us and best of luck!

06/13/2017 12:14am

It's okay to rest sometimes. I know how hard it is to maintain a website. I hope that you update your website soon since we are really looking forward for all your updates. We are your loyal followers here and we expect a lot from you. Keep on moving forward!

06/16/2017 8:49am

There are many people who are just like you, but eventually they learn to love blogging. If you are having trouble keeping up, then it's okay, you can choose which social media platform to use. It looks like you are more familiar with Facebook as to why we will still get updates from you through the use of it. Hoping that once you are revamping the site, you will be able to post a lot. Good luck and have an amazing year.

07/01/2017 5:46am

I agree with you that to successfully revamp your blog is to try out a different content and let others know you are back via social media. Before revamping out your blog, ensure that you have at least 2 or more new and compelling articles to publish if in case you will be overwhelmed with many things to do (promoting, SEO, social media, etc) while trying to get back into the blogging limelight. I also agree with you that guest posting is a great way to revamp one’s blog. You can write guest posts to attract other people to your blog, or you can also accept guest posts from others so you can update your blog with fresh content. Either way, it’s a fairly good strategy. Thanks for sharing!

06/22/2017 2:04pm

Okay, sounds like a good idea. I will follow you on Facebook to stay in touch.

08/11/2017 4:59am

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