Sometimes, I get to photograph fellow photographers.  That can be nerve wrecking because you know they *know* what to expect. lol  Not with this girl though.  She's one of my good friends and I love those babies of hers to bits.  I think she should just keep having them... ;)  We had fun reveling her new little one's gender to the older siblings.  All fun and games until someone gets hungry... ;)


09/06/2016 6:19am

You must have a good skill of photography as I loved the photos that you captured. It looks so nice to have such a lovely family and her babies are so cute and well keep sharing such kind of blogs.


You have a beautiful family. I can see one healthy and happy family. That is actually a great way for a baby gender reveal. My sister surprised my brother-in-law when he opened a big box full of boy toys. The toys had cut outs of blue paper and he immediately understood what it meant. They we're so excited for their baby boy. I am really happy for them.

05/08/2017 12:56am

Your friend's family is beautiful and I want to congratulate them for having another baby girl. I like how you did your friend a favor on announcing the gender of her baby. I like how simple your shots are. The lighting and the background are perfect for the family shot. I am looking forward for the picture of the new born baby.

01/06/2017 5:49am

Breast feeding in public... Fie! Gross!


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