I have been a slacker in keeping this up to date for the month of August!!  Sorry!  It's a crazy month for everyone and ours started with a trip to the beach with some family friends! :)  I promise, we had husbands there, but they were getting us a table at the restaurant. Ha!


11/06/2016 5:28am

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07/02/2017 7:00am

Your family looks amazing! My family and I never get to go on vacations these days because we are all busy with our work. But whenever we have the time, we always visit museums and amusement parks. We only go swimming at resorts because I am afraid of beaches. The reason why is because I am afraid of fishes. The thought of them touching any part of my body is terrifying for me. But I do stay in the sand to have a tan and build sand castles with my siblings.

07/12/2017 9:20am

The beach and a picture of a happy family are indeed two of my favorite things. Your kids look so adorable. You are blessed with such a good family. It is indeed one of God's greatest gifts. You must cherish those moments when you can have time bonding with your family. May God bless you as well as your family!

12/22/2016 2:46am

I love going to beaches. I love the feeling when the waves reaches my feet while I am enjoying the sun. Anyways, I love your pictures. You look so happy with each other. Your faces are all refreshing and full of love. It is good to see siblings having a bonding time, as well as a whole family all together on a trip.

06/30/2017 2:50am

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