It's that time again!!!  School is right around the corner!  What better way to celebrate your child's new school year than with a special session just for them?  I'll be holding this mini session on August 15th, starting at 5:00pm.  These will be quick, 15 minute sessions (this is Texas, you know, it's HOT! lol).  For $100, you'll get 7 edited, high resolution images.  I like to keep these for a maximum of 3 kids  If you have more than three kids, you can book a half session instead for $115.  These will be at an awesome location in Parker, TX.   These minis are PERFECT for home school families! :)


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06/04/2017 1:35pm

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08/20/2017 11:05am

This is cool! I am a mom of two kids and I really want to keep some photos of them during their first day of school so that when they grow older or have their own families too, they will be able to have some pictures to show to my future grandsons or granddaughters. Pictures are important because they can capture moments and can be kept for a long time, with those pictures, they will be able to recall some the things the have done when they were kids or how they look like during their first day of school. I am really interested with this, I will definitely inquire. Thanks!


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